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Strategic intelligence in sustainable development

We develop customized business intelligence tools in the field of sustainable development enabling companies to transform the way they think and run their organization.

Helping companies to transform information into insight – 360tool 7

We provide insightful sustainability intelligence to companies and organizations to help them navigate and leverage an increasingly complex amount of information.

Our unique expertise of identifying, monitoring and providing insight on tailor-made sustainability information helps companies to make better decisions and develop innovative solutions to address sustainability challenges.

We have a solid expertise in monitoring and providing insight on various sustainability topics for our clients and continuously enhance our technology skills to support our sustainability intelligence service.

Our sustainability intelligence tool transforms information into insight. Here are the main steps we follow:

Based on a company existing sustainability materiality analysis, we will start the process by mapping the different sustainability issues and sub-issues to monitor.

Then based on this mapping, we will identify the different entities to monitor, think tanks, research and academic platforms, trendsetters and field pioneers, competition and others to build a company monitoring system.

Based on the different identified sustainability experts knowledge and on our own intelligence, we will develop a unique targeted new layer of intelligence on specific sustainability issues that will create the unique value of our service.

We will then encapsulate our sustainability intelligence into a knowledge sharing platform customized to an organization need in terms of internal and external communication. Our technology skills are instrumental for identifying and developing the right and customized platform to support a specific company sustainability intelligence.

On our insights page, you will find a selection of resources that we regularly monitor, such as the UN Global Compact Switzerland.

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